Saturn In Aquarius Preparing For Societal Changes

Coronavirus Conjecture: Moon Transits & Saturn In Aquarius
March 14, 2020
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Dream Interpretations Using Astrology
March 28, 2020
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Saturn In Aquarius Preparing For Societal Changes

This weeks episode discusses how Saturn in Aquarius will effect the people and society as a whole and what we can do to prepare for these changes within ourselves and with the Sun in Aries; taking action with what we learn.
This is a time of panic and fear and misinformation and it is up to us to fortify ourselves, come back down from the clouds and become AWARE (Aquarius).

We also go over the Mars conjunction in between Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, The Sun’ conjunction to Chiron and how the restrictions government is placing on society is causing feelings of invasive violations upon the self. Saturn in Aquarius also marks the square motion for the Pluto in Scorpio generation and much needs to be done in the way of friendships and social interactions and digging deep into our personal psyche.

Our intuition must come to the fore!

Last but not least is a group homework assignment to keep track of certain announcements as I use a progressed chart to find future indications as to what may come in the way of the news.

Not everything is all bad, I have a bonus day at the end for us to take advantage of!

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