Breaking Down The Dynamics of Relationships Part 1

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April 11, 2020
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April 26, 2020
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Breaking Down The Dynamics of Relationships Part 1

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In this week’s episode we discuss the dynamic of relationships according to the natural order of the wheel and how to look at synastry charts and the planets that indicate the ideal partner at the same time transforming our views about relationships as a whole. With Saturn in Aquarius and the current Transit moon in Pisces as of this date, this is the perfect time to relearn how to be social.

This topic is multi layered so we will this one again, more than likely more than once, so that we can begin to break down the fantasies and ideal expectations that surround what is necessary to have a successful relationship. In order to leave ourselves available for love in our lives we must first restructure the way we think about partnerships. If we first don’t have a true idea about what it takes for the INDIVIDUAL to have a successful relationship with ones self, we will find ourselves repeating the same failed routines in the future.

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