The Evolution Of Consciousness w/ Abundance Child & Ra Akhu

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May 30, 2020
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June 13, 2020
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The Evolution Of Consciousness w/ Abundance Child & Ra Akhu


This weeks episode is a special round table talk, discussing the evolution of conscious and all it contains as much as we can with such limited time. This episode is jam packed with esoteric, history, spirituality, consciousness and of course astrology! We welcome special guests Abundance Child and Ra Akhu.

Abundance Child: The Autonomous Goddess/ Sovereign. She is one of the Matriarchs of her family/ clan/ tribe.  Professionally, she is  Venture Culturist. Ministerially she is a Mother. She has  several entities under Abundancechild Minsitries, INC. She serves as the  Grand Mother of Drop Squad Kitchen a food ministry. She is currently working on The New Abundancechild Live. You can donate to her ministry on all things: Abundancechild (paypal / cashapp/ venmo) and find her on all social media as @abundancechild.

Ra Akhu: Founder and Owner of  his own personal brand of astrology the Cozmophyzix Academy and Cozmophyzix. A Master Astrologer with over 30 years of experience in the study of the stars as they correlate to the events on Earth. An avid researcher and hobbyist historian, Ra Akhu has more knowledge than most gain in a lifetime. You can donate to Cozmophyzix on Cashapp at $Cozmo361 or paypal at

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